New Chart: Autonomous Vehicles Disrupt and Impact All Industries

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New Chart: Autonomous Vehicles Disrupt and Impact All Industries
Though your company may still be adapting to Collaborative Economy disruptions, even more business model changes are coming. New autonomous technologies on the horizon are triggering greater acceleration of innovation programs to keep up. Google, Uber, Apple, Lyft, Tesla, BMW, Ford, Volvo, Yamaha, Mercedes, and other car manufacturers are working on producing self-driving cars, and the industry impacts will reverberate. We’re releasing this research-based infographic to the public that outlines those impact, with a more detailed report available to Catalyst Companies members. We encourage you to share it with your networks and reach out to us if you’d like to learn more.

Google’s Self-Driving Trucks Will Solve the “Last Mile” Delivery Gap
Last week, Google was awarded a patent to put locker containers on the back of self-driving delivery trucks, with their contents retrievable by recipients who enter or scan a unique code. The “Autonomous Delivery Platform” patent also allows for customers to pay for their packages at individual lockers, adding potential retail sales opportunities to Google’s self-driving delivery fleet. According to GeekWire, the patent focuses on solving issues related to the “last mile” of deliveries made by autonomous vehicles and drones, as customers would be required to physically visit the truck to receive their package. On-demand and drone delivery services (UberRUSH, Amazon) and incumbent logistics and shipping companies (UPS, Fedex) will be among the first disrupted by Google closing the last-mile gap.

47 Collaborative Economy Companies Lobby Against EU Growth Limitations
The Guardian reports that Airbnb, Uber, TaskRabbit, and 44 other Collaborative Economy companies have signed a letter calling on the European Union to prevent member states from restricting their business growth. The letter’s signatories call for EU member states to, “continue to seek to ensure that local and national laws do not unnecessarily limit the development of the collaborative economy to the detriment of Europeans.” The group also expressed its support for the development of a European-wide agenda for the “gig economy” and removing any obstacles in the market. This lobbying effort comes amid protests and crackdowns throughout Europe on a number of the companies involved.

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