Startups Test the Throttle of Market Leaders’ Innovation


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Established Corporations Striving to Keep Up With Startups
Lightweight and nimble, startups across America and the globe are taking the business world to exciting new places — in hopes of augmenting their brands and products into the daily lives of customers, much like what established companies have already done. Catalyst Companies has identified the ways startups differ most from their market leaders, thereby distilling the necessary ingredients for an agile modern corporation to most effectively foster a culture of innovation that keeps its brand at the forefront. Read all 11 ways that startups are known to outrun established corporations and weigh in on the discussion on our blog.

A Robot Takeover on the Horizon
Fearing a robotic takeover of the workplace in the coming years, the White House assembled its economists and concluded that the rise of industrial technology provides an 83 percent likelihood that workers who make $20 an hour or less will be replaced by robots, along with a 31 percent chance that those making $20 to $40 per hour will lose their jobs and a scant 4 percent risk to those earning more than $40 an hour. Those economists also credit technology with further polarizing the gap between the rich and the poor, and though new technologies no doubt present unprecedented opportunities and efficiencies, they may just displace more jobs than they create by 2025. Read more about the White House’s economic forecast from the Huffington Post that published a few months ago, but we felt it was timely to surface again.

Self-Driving Buses Turn the Corner in Finland
Taking advantage of laws that only require supervision of autonomous vehicles, not a physical driver, Finland’s Metropolia University of Applied Sciences has put a pair of 12-passenger electric Easymile EZ-10 buses on a fixed route through the streets of a Helsinki neighborhood for a month-long test that’s one of the world’s first. For good measure, Metropolia has included an onboard supervisor and is throttling the buses down to just 6 mph. Helsinki has made it a public goal to get rid of all personal cars and provide complete public transportation solutions within a decade. Read more about the self-driving buses on Curbed.

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