Catalyst Companies™ offers members insight from industry experts and the opportunity to “council-source” ideas and feedback from peers. We get together on interactive calls twice a month and offer in-person summits twice a year. We also put together smaller, issue-specific salons and gather at various industry events, such as SXSW.

Member Salons - Intimate topical facilitated discussions with peers. Learn, share and network in an informal setting how disruptive technologies and innovation are being handled at other organizations. Pose questions to the table or the person next to you. Fun, informative and darn good food and conversation!

Member Meetings - A two-day event: Day one starts with half day innovation excursions to expose the membership to new ideas, considerations and opportunities. Members gather for dinner that evening to meet old friends, discuss important trends or learnings of the day and how it could impact business. Peer networking is always part of every program. Day two is hosted at a member location and packed with peer to peer learnings, case studies, thought leaders, with practical and actionable insights.

Session Calls - Monthly interactive video discussions where members or outside thought leaders are brought to the council floor. Members have the opportunity to learn about new technologies, or insights from external speakers, and have plenty of time for interactive discussion and Q&A to discuss with the experts or their peers.



2018 Event Calendar

Member Dinner

February 28, 2018 | San Carlos, CA

SWSW Brunch

March 10, 2018 | Austin, Texas

CES Meet-Up

January 10, 2018

Spring Summit

March 2018 | TD Bank, Toronto, Canada
TD Bank will host Catalyst Companies members for our first member meeting of the year - The Spring Summit. It's here the Council will have the opportunity to learn and share in a private setting with peers. Our meeting location was also the original home to TD Bank’s former president and chairman, Allen Lambert. Agenda is forming now.

Main Event

September 12 & 13, 2018 | San Francisco, CA
This is the flagship Catalyst Companies event of the year. We head back to Silicon Valley to investigate and update you on trends and business drivers covered by the Council.

European Summit

October 2018
Our European member meeting is always a favorite. Aside from exploring disruptive technologies, the Council has an opportunity to gather for excursions one the first day followed by our member dinner and a full day of engaging interactions. Past locations have been Switzerland, Germany, Amsterdam and more.

Sample "Session Call" topics include:

  • The Collaborative Economy Vision with Jeremiah Owyang
    Collaborative Economy Description: How collaborative economy is the next phase of sharing is causing traditional business disruption.
  • The Mesh, The Future of Business is Sharing with Lisa Gansky, CEO of Mesh Labs
    How access of goods, services and talents trumps ownership.
  • The Maker Movement with Mark Hatch, TechShop
    Empowering people with classes and technology to expand creative talents and ideas to produce goods.
  • GE and Collaborative Business Models with Alex Tepper, GE
    Innovation within a 130-year-old company. Leveraging innovation through democratized design and allowing collaborative economy to participate.
  • Innovation and the White House with Thomas Kalil, White House Office of Science &Technology Policy
    Overview of The White House hosting a Maker Faire and how global companies are backing the maker movement and ongoing methods.
  • Open Innovation and Ford with Bill Coughlin and Scott Monty, Ford
    How Ford is providing open source technology and offering convenience through associated brands like Uber.
  • Case Study Swisscom and Mila with Ursula Oesterle, Swisscom and Manuel Grenacher, Mila
    Description of new service that enables a network of "friends" to assist in technology needs - providing service, lowering costs, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • The Future of Work - Salon Recap with Voices of Council members
    Discussion on current vs. future spaces and the workforce.
  • Coke in the Maker Movement and Sharing Space with Tom LaForge, Coke and AJ Brustein, Wonolo/Coke
    The change in relationships between people and corporations. Wonolo Coke accelerator is creating an on-demand workforce to assist corporations and employees.
  • Crystal Ball Forecasts of the Collaborative Economy with Terry Young, Sparks and Honey
    Trends of the transformation of collaborative economy including cultural and retail trends.
  • Liberals to Conservatives Love and Loathe the Collaborative Economy with Alan Webber, IDC
    Discussion on government's take on collaborative economy and impacts to economic model.
  • Lyft Ready to co-ride with Top Brands with Amy Fox, Lyft
    Overview of Lyft's model, integration opportunities and loyalty programs.
  • How Gen Y & Youth want to partner with your company with Dan Schawbel, Millennial Expert & Author
    Impact and expectations of the Millennial workforce, including why organizations need to be aware of these changes.
  • The Maker Movement with Dale Dougherty, Maker Faire and Maker Media
    Discussion on the make-up and movement in the maker community.
  • Indiegogo, Harnessing the crowd to fuel engagement and innovation with Jerry Needel, Indiegogo
    Use of crowdfunding as the next digital marketing tool and how organizations may want to consider crowdfunding actions.
  • Global Case Studies with Compare and Share with Benita Matofska, Compare and Share
    Sharing economy discussion and the opportunity to turn costs into revenue.
  • Regulation, Workers Rights and Political Interest with Arun Sundararajan, NYU Economist
    Consumer-based capitalism is changing workers and actions.
  • The New Rules of the Collaborative Economy with Andrew Reid (Vision Critical)
    Price, convenience and brand are what customers care about when considering sharing vs. buying.
  • How People and Platforms Are Inventing the Collaborative Economy and Reinventing Capitalism with Robin Chase, Zipcar Founder, Author of Peers
    Individuals have different strengths than companies - but together they're complementary. Excess capacity delivering resource and cost efficiency.
  • Uber Fireside Chat with Chris Saad, Uber
    Discussing the availability of the Uber API and partners ability to enhance customer experience when traveling.
  • Blockchain with Paul Vigna, Wall Street Journal - Author and Writer
    Discussion on Blockchain emerging in markets and the potential Blockchain holds.
  • Innovation in Business, Cities and Society with John Batelle
    Overview of the major forces conspiring to drive a renegotiation of the social contract between business and society.
  • What do Autonomous Vehicles Mean to Your Business Model with Jeremiah Owyang, Reilly Brennan, Stanford & Mark Platshon, Ice Breakers Ventures
    State of Autonomous Vehicles and the impacts to business.
  • How to (Actually) Predict the Future: 7 Trends That Will Change Business in 2017 with Rohit Bhargava
    Become a trend spotter with a helpful methodology from Rohit, and plot your own future.

Past Events: 2017

CES, Private Member Dinner

January 5, 2017 | Las Vegas, NV

SXSW Private Member Breakfast

March 11, 2017 | Austin, Texas

Private Member Dinner

March 30, 2017 | South San Francisco, CA
• JLABS Welcome - Jim Viola, Johnson & Johnson JLABS

European Summit

April 26, 2017 | Philips HQ, Amsterdam
• Excursion: ShareNL - Harmen Van Spraang, ShareNL, Founder
• Excursion: Startupbootcamp - Gerben Klop, Startupbootcamp, Business Developer & Strategist
• Extreme Customer Centricity - Rik Vera, CEO, nexxworks
• Philips: Driving Digital Transformation - Blake Cahill, SVP Global Head of Digital Marketing & Media, Philips
• Leroy Merlin: Reinvent Yourself With An Intrapreneurship Program - Stephanie Hajjar, Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Leroy Merlin
• Human Centered Design: The Way We Work Is Our Most Important Innovation - Christina Taylor, Head of Human Centered Design, Swisscom
• A Business Model Innovation Exploration - Jeroen Bartelse, Innovation Manager, Achmea
• Design A Better Business - Patrick van der Pijl, CEO, Business Models Inc

Spring Summit

June 15, 2017 | AARP HQ, Washington, DC
• Excursion: 1776 - Ryan O’Toole, 1776
• Excursion: Local Motors - David Woessner, Local Motors
• Disruptive Models in the Sharing Economy - Elle Shelley, CMO Local Motors, EVP Launch Forth
• NASA Strategies for Scaling Innovation in Large Organization: A Federal Government Perspective - Jenn Gustetic, NASA, Small Business Innovation Research Program Executive
• AARP Innovation Journey: Value Creation Digital Strategy & Membership - Craig Fontenot, AARP, VP Product Strategy and Development
• LIFT Labs for Entrepreneur - Danielle Cohn, Executive Director, Entrepreneurial Engagement, Comcast NBCUniversal
• The Hatchery at AARP: Enterprise Strategy and Innovation - Andy Miller, SVP Innovation & Product Development, AARP
• Understanding the Age of Blockchains - Jeremy Epstein, CEO, Never Stop Marketing

The Main Event

September 14 & 15, 2017 | Wells Fargo, SF

Past Events: 2016

Member Dinner and Salon: Future of Mobility

January 21, 2016 | Silicon Valley
• Tour: Stanford’s (autonomous driving lab) - Reilly P. Brennan, Executive Director of The Revs Program
• Expert Panel Q&A Session - Gerald Huff, Tesla Motors, Principal Software Engineer - Timothy Chen, Sereneti Kitchen & Cooki, President, CEO, Reilly P. Brennan, Stanford, Executive Director of The Revs Program (autonomous driving lab), David Schatsky, Deloitte
• Catalyst Companies Member Panel - Stephanie Naegeli, Nestlé, Digital Marketing Innovation Manager, Chris Holmes, Parc, a Xerox company, Experienced Software Entrepreneur and Product Visionary, Elizabeth Bieniek, Cisco, Senior Manager of Emerging Partnerships, Collaboration Technology Group, John Erickson, Esurance, Vice President, Analytics & Research, Product Management, Robert Christopher, Panasonic, Director of Innovation

SXSW Brunch Member Panel and Social

March 12, 2016 | Austin, Texas

Spring Summit: Co-innovation for your Brand

April 28, 2016, with optional evening tour April 27 | Hallmark HQ, Kansas City, Missouri
• Tour/Presentation: Union Station Maker Studio - Ben Smith, Maker Studio, Christy Nitsche, Maker Studio, Ryan Bell, Maker Studio
• Hallmark Innovation - Ellen Junger, Hallmark, Keion Jackson, Hallmark
• Boom! Welcome to the Creative Revolution - Mark Hatch, TechShop CEO & Co-Founder
• “Can Retail Be Unique?” A Fireside Chat with The Grommet - Joanne Domeniconi, The Grommet
• How an internal, employee driven crowdsourcing program changed the way Clorox engages early stage external product innovation- Adam Pettler, Clorox & Burt’s Bee’s
• Accelerating Innovation with Crowdfunding - Gwen Nguyen, Indiegogo, Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships
• Digital Disruption in Dairy - Sherri Maxson, Dairy Management Inc., SVP, Digital Communications
• Playbook Presentation - Jaimy Szymanski and Jeremiah Owyang, Catalyst Companies

European Summit: The Global Collaborative Economy

June 21-22, 2016 | BMW HQ, Munich, Germany
• Unnamed presentation - Paul Papadimitriou, Intelligencr, ​Founder
• Uber's plan to get more people into fewer cars - Christoph Weigler, Uber, ​General Manager
• Summit Synthesis & The Intrapreneur Lab - Milan Samani, The Intrapreneur Lab, ​Founder
• BMW: Shaping Urban Mobility. Together - Viola Spengler BMW, Communications, Frank Hansen, BMW, CoC Urban Mobility
• Innovation Strategy - Tom Robinson, Swisscom, Head User Trends and Insights
• “On Demand Groceries” One-hour grocery delivery through crowdsourcing with Carrefour Spain - Clément Marty, Carrefour, Director of Digital Transformation and Innovation
• Future of Travel and Innovation - Michael Williams, Air New Zealand, Head of Strategy - Carrie Hurihanganui, Air New Zealand, General Manager Customer Experience
• Adjusting to On-Demand with Allianz - Christian Locker, Allianz, Innovation and Product Manager, Jacob Fuest, Allianz, Head of Automotive Innovation Center

The Main Event

October 25-26, 2016 | New York City | MasterCard Innovation Center
• Sparks and Honey Tour & Culture Immersion - Terry Young, Founder and CEO of Sparks and Honey
• The New Customer Decision Journey: How is digital reshaping how customers make decisions and become loyal? How do we capitalize on this paradigm shift? - Kim Rust, General Assembly, Instructor, Digital Marketing, Mobile Technology, Product Management, Career Coaching
• Innovation Report Presentation - Jeremiah Owyang and Jaimy Szymanski, Catalyst Companies
• Mastercard Innovation: Intense, Structured, and Fast-Paced Fun! - John Sheldon, Mastercard, SVP Group Head of Innovation Management
• Wells Fargo Innovation Journey - Darius Miranda, Mastercard, VP Innovation Group, Kelli Carlson, Mastercard, VP Social Engagement, Collaboration & Strategy Leader, Innovation Group
• Mastercard Labs Tour - John Sheldon, Mastercard, SVP Group Head of Innovation Management
• Energy Business and Disruption - Eduardo Posch, Statoil, Principal Strategist
• Retail Joins Collaboration Economy - Hans-Joerg Dohrmann, m-way ag, Intrapreneur, CEO, & Chairman, Carmen Spielmann, CEO, Sharoo AG
• Beyond Mobile: The Future of Customer Experiences - Why “Beyond Mobile?” Robert Scoble, Upload VR

Past Events: 2015

January - SF Bay Area, CA

Member Dinner

March - Austin, TX

SXSW Meetup: “The Early Adopters”
• PANEL: Insights from Early Adopters - Mason Nelder, Verizon, Natanya Anderson, Whole Foods, Mary Putman, Hallmark
• Meetup Summary - David Armano, Edelman

May - Disney World, Orlando, FL

Spring Summit: “Crowd Innovation Strategies”
• Walt Disney Imagineer - Gary Landrum, Walt Disney Imagineering, Creative Associate Show Producer
• Sharing is the new Buying 2 Data - Andrew Reid, Vision Critical, Founder
• Keynote: The MagicBand Innovation Story - Dan Soto, Walt Disney World, Dir. of Experience Insights
• Keynote: Safety in the Peer Economy - Lisa Woods, Assurant
• Keynote: Crowd-based European Perspective - Ursula Oesterle, Swisscom, VP Innovations, Emerging & Business Development Collaborative Economy and Growth Initiatives
• Panel: Crowd-based Collaboration - Manuel Grenacher, Mila, Founder and CEO, Vincent Carbone, Brightidea, Founder and COO, Abigail Keizer, Redclay, CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Pelosi, Crowdtap, Senior Manager of Strategic Relationships
• Keynote: The Future of Strategy - Devin Fidler, Institute for the Future
• Keynote: The Intrapreneur - Milan Samani, Leadership Labs

June - Swisscom, Bern, Switzerland

European Salon at Swisscom
• Swisscom Welcome - Karin Hilzinger, Swisscom, Senior Expert Work/Space, Team Innovation Culture, Thomas Robinson, Swisscom, Head User Trends and Insights
• Crowdsourced business models - Manuel Grenacher, Mila, Founder & CEO, Thomas Staudte, Swisscom, Project Manager, Service Experience & Innovation, Jonathan Wichmann, Co‐founder of Orca Social
• Insights and Innovation - Thomas Robinson, Swisscom
• Digital Strategy and Transformation - Pete Blackshaw, Nestle, Global Head of Digital & Social Media
Collaborative Platform Exercises - Simone Cicero, Ouishare

July - Whole Foods, Austin, TX

Summer Salon: “Future of Food and Hospitality” at Whole Foods
• Whole Foods Welcome - Natanya Anderson, Whole Foods, Global Director Social Media, CRM, and Customer Service
• Whole Foods and Instacart Collaboration - Brad Power, Digital+Web Tech Coordinator
• Feastly: Empowering any chef to host meals wherever, whenever - Noah Karesh, Feastly, Co-Founder
• Umbrellas 2.0: The First Umbrella Share Company - John O'Connor, Brellabox, Co-Founder & CEO
• Innovation Panel - Ursula Oesterle, Swisscom, Adam Pettler, Clorox, Stephanie Naegeli, Nestlé, Joel Rothstein, Marriott Labs, VP IT Tech Strategy & Innovation
• Hacking Food: A Millennial Perspective - Tim West, Chef & Food Hacker

October - SF Bay Area, CA

The Main Event at Autodesk
• Highway1 & Lime Lab Tour - Brady Forrest, Highway1, Vice President, Kurt Dammermann, Lime Lab - A PCH Solutions Company, Co-Founder
• Autodesk Welcome - Noah Cole, Autodesk, Director of Social Media and Communications
• Keynote - Mickey McManus, Autodesk Fellow and Futurist, former CEO and president of MAYA
• Startup Presentation - Mark Gilbreath, Liquidspace
• Sharing Value Created: Building Trust in Collaborative Ecosystems - Lisa Gansky, Mesh Labs, TED Speaker
• Unlocking New Power - Jeremy Heimans, Purpose, CEO & Co-Founder
• Airbnb HQ Tour and Roundtable Discussion - Michael Brous, Airbnb, Senior Business Development Lead, Growth & Strategic Partnerships
• Innovation Journey Resources - Jeremiah Owyang and Jaimy Szymanski, Catalyst Companies
• The Next Industrial Revolution: The Collaborative Economy - Carrie Motamedi, TechShop, Vice President of Marketing
• Remaking the Way We Make Stuff - Kevin Krejci, Fujitsu, Business Development and Alliance Manager
• Startup Presentation: Tilt - Collect Money, Share Experiences - Dan Shih, Tilt, Business Development and Partnerships
• BMW Drive Now Presentation - Kristina Schmaderer, BMW, Product Manager
• Tour: BMW Demo of the i3 - Kristina Schmaderer, BMW, Product Manager, Martin Kulessa, BMW, User Experience Manager, Mobility Services, Sales & Marketing
• Startup Presentation: Upwork - A hiring revolution is coming your way - Daphne Li, Upwork, Senior Vice President, Enterprise
• Fireside Chat: Uber - Dmitry Shevelenko, Uber, Product Partnerships
• Panel: Architects of the Zero Waste Economy - Mike Walsh, Structure Capital, Partner, Jeremiah Owyang, Catalyst Companies
• Keynote: Communities & The Collaborative Economy - Bill Johnston, Structure3C, Founder

Past Events: 2014

May - Autodesk, SF

Member Summit
• Autodesk Presents - Bill Johnston, Formerly Autodesk, Noah Cole, Autodesk
• TaskRabbit - Mike Huhman, TaskRabbit
• TechShop Tour - Matt Schutte, TechShop
• Panel: Industry Expert Sharing Economy - Adam Broadway, DesksNearMe, Mike Walsh, Structure Capital, VC Firm, Yan Budman, Indiegogo, Crowdfunding
• Impact Hub Tour - Tim Nichols, Impact Hub
• 5M Project - Andy Wang, Randy Rollison
• Panel: Meet those who live in the Sharing Economy - Greg Horn, Maria Paula Oliveira
• Expert Makers Panel - Brit Morin, Brit + Co, Founder, Mark Hatch, formerly TechShop, Christina Westbrook, Shapeways

July - Adobe, SF Bay Area

Member Salon Dinner
• Kick Off Presentation - Lance Richards, formerly Kelly Services
• Panel Response - Lori DeFurio, Adobe, Niki Hall, Polycom, Jeff Rodman, Polycom, AJ Brustein, Coca Cola, Lance Richards, Kelly Services
• Innovation and Future of Work - Matt Cooper of oDesk/eLance, Emily Slade of PopExpert

October - Polycom Experience Center, NYC

Two-Day Member Summit
• The Maker Movement and Hallmark - Mary Putman, Hallmark
• An Economist Point of View of the Collaborative Economy - Arun Sundararajan, NYU Economist
• Cryptocurrency Marketplaces - Barry Silbert, Paul Vigna
• Barclaycard’s Community Journey: A story of collaboration between bank and customer - Paul Wilmore, Barclaycard
• Startup Panel - Jerry Needel, Indiegogo, Ajay Mehta, Tilt, Itzik Cohen, Prosper
• Brand Panel - Dave Peck, PayPal, Matt Story, Visa, Wendy Arnott, TD Bank, Paul Wilmore, Barclaycard
• Auto Share - Jeff Mango, Verizon
• Future of Retail, and the Collaborative Economy - Terry Young, Sparks & Honey
• PANEL: Overcoming Risks - Daniel Gates, FedEx, Augie Ray, Curmudgeon


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