Catalyst Companies Future Events and Upcoming Research


By Carl Bohlin and Jeremiah Owyang

Technologies empower customers faster than companies can adapt. To help businesses keep up with that pace of change, we host thought-provoking events, bring in the right speakers, and publish relevant research. In everything we do, Catalyst Companies connects corporate leaders to the right innovation resources, thus enabling timely and effective action.

Catalyst Companies provides members with up-to-date information on the technologies and customer behaviors that are driving business model changes. We do this by staying abreast of trends, conducting and providing member-directed research, involving thought leaders and startups in the ongoing conversations, and providing our members with the ability to learn and share in confidential, in-person meetings and teleconferences.

Catalyst Companies is hosting two physical events coming up in October 2016 at which we plan to hear from Council members and thought leaders. It is always inspiring to gather at these events and share in a private setting some of the most pressing challenges and opportunities we face as a Council. And in the midst of new business model changes, it’s great to validate initial thoughts, share collective learning, and discuss with peers promising strategies to address common internal challenges.


October 6th, 2016, in San Francisco: Join us for our Meet, Learn, and Tour event, one of the few opportunities for those outside the Council to experience what interactions in Council settings can be like. We will highlight the corporate innovation research initiatives that Catalyst Companies currently has underway, as well as hear from the cutting-edge experience of Nestle, and take a tour of its Innovation Outpost.


October 25th and 26th, 2016, in NYC: Our Main Event, hosted by MasterCard, will be the highlight of the year, featuring presentations by MasterCard, Statoil, Wells Fargo, Migros, Sparks and Honey, General Assembly, Robert Scoble, and more, along with the findings of proprietary member research.

What’s up for 2017? We are adding more!

Council members love the in-person engagements and networking. Therefore, Catalyst Companies will be providing more opportunities to foster discussions and increase knowledge and awareness. We are adding gatherings at top industry events and expanding our European events. To date, our 2017 lineup includes:

January 5th: Member Gathering in conjunction with CES, Las Vegas

March 11th: Member Gathering in conjunction with SXSW, Austin, Texas

April 26th: European Summit, hosted by Philips, Amsterdam

June 15th: Spring Summit, hosted by AARP, Washington, D.C.

September: The Main Event, San Francisco

October: European Summit, TBD

**Plus more under consideration

Catalyst Companies also continues to grow and expand our research. The Catalyst Companies Corporate Innovation Report is underway, with previews of the research scheduled to be delivered on October 6th at the San Francisco Meet, Learn, and Tour, and full delivery to our membership planned for our October 25th Main Event in NYC.
What’s next for research? After we complete the Corporate Innovation Report this fall, we’ll begin research on the Business Models of Blockchain to find out how all industries and verticals are impacted by cryptocurrencies.


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