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Uber Picks Up Team for New AI Labs
A team of 15 artificial intelligence scientists and tech pioneers recently piled into the back seat of Uber to help the ride-sharing company accelerate its machine learning toward self-driving cars, aircraft, and robots. Uber’s acquisition of Geometric Intelligence officially launched its new AI Labs division, based in San Francisco. The new cutting-edge researchers will be led by Geometric Intelligence Founder and CEO Gary Marcus, with the goal of moving people “radically faster, safer and accessible to all.” Read more about the Uber acquisition.

Amazon Go Puts AI on Grocery Shelves
Swiping technology from self-driving cars, Amazon has created a self-calculating shopping experience where customers can simply check in on an app, grab what they need off the shelves and go. Being launched with an early 2017 rollout at 2131 7th Ave. in Seattle, Amazon Go puts together computer learning, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion to cut out the lines, checkouts and cash registers of the typical shopping trip. Order totals are automatically charged to customers’ Amazon accounts. Learn more from Amazon’s introduction video.

Tyson Foods Looking to Repackage the Future
On the brink of a CEO transition, Tyson Foods is looking to spice up its product lines with fresh and new offerings picked up on the startup market. Its all-new venture capital fund, Tyson New Ventures, is getting $150 million to sample startups in alternative proteins, food waste elimination, and innovative tech trends. Tyson New Ventures follows in the footsteps of General Mills, Kellogg, and Campbell Soup, which have taken similar routes, as well as Tyson’s own 5% ownership stake in Beyond Meat. The VC fund will be led from Chicago by former DuPont Ventures Managing Director Mary Kay James. Read more about Tyson New Ventures on Fortune.

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