• How does Catalyst Companies™ make money?
  • Revenue comes from membership fees from our large company members and from speeches and workshops.
  • How does an innovation council work?
  • The council is devoted to companies to share and learn in a private manner. Outside speakers and startups present to the council, but are not allowed in private member discussions. We also have regular physical events during the year for members and select guests.
  • Who are the founding members of Catalyst Companies™?
  • There were 24 founding members, including: Abbott Labs, Adobe, American Eagle, Autodesk, Barclaycard, Cisco, Ford, GE, Hyatt, Intel, Intuit, Kelly Services, Nestle, Paypal, Radio Shack, Swisscom, Taco Bell, The Home Depot, Verizon, Visa, Walmart, WellPoint, Western Union, and Whole Foods.
  • Is Catalyst Companies™ a consulting or software company?
  • No. The current focus is on the council model and educational services, such as presentations and workshops.
  • Is this council for all companies?
  • This council is intended for large, progressive companies that demonstrate a willingness to collaborate with customers for new shared value.
  • How long does membership last?
  • Each term of membership lasts one year from when we sign documents.
  • Who from my company should be a member?
  • Each company receives five seats to the council. This new movement often requires business model change, and we suggest having three different departments represented. Common roles include: Innovation, Digital Product, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Ecommerce, CSR, and Corporate Development.
  • Will council members have to share information with competitors?
  • We segment direct competitors into sub-groups, while maintaining a broader group for all.
  • What is the Catalyst Companies™ Innovation network?
  • The Innovation Network is a great way for large companies to be exposed to the ecosystem in a fast, organized, manner. We hand select startups that seek to partner with large companies. They come from the Sharing Economy, Maker Movement, or customer collaboration space.
  • What is the relationship between Catalyst Companies™ and the startups in the Innovation Network?
  • There are no financial requirements for the startups to be in the Innovation Network; there are no kickbacks or equity relationships. The startups agree to present valuable content to the council in exchange for access to these key companies.
  • Who owns Catalyst Companies™?
  • Catalyst Companies™ is entirely owned/funded/bootstrapped by the founder, Jeremiah Owyang.
  • What is the origin of the company name?
  • We believe that people and big companies can work together for new business models where both win. Also, we're thankful for the Crowdspring community who inspired us to determine the name and design the logo, naturally.
  • Where can I learn more about the Collaborative Economy?
  • Read Jeremiah's growing body of work on the Collaborative Economy, which contains links to posts, articles, reports, slideshares, and videos HERE.
  • When was Catalyst Companies™ founded?
  • Catalyst Companies™ was created in the Fall of 2013, and launched in public on December 10, 2013, on stage at LeWeb in Paris with 24 Fortune 500 founding members.
  • Does Catalyst Companies™ speak on behalf of council members?
  • No. Members and companies always speak on their own behalf.


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