The Key Ingredients for Successful Corporate Innovation

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Top Takeaways From the ‘Corporate Innovation Imperative’
Well-respected innovation strategy designer Justin Lokitz has filtered some essential insights from Catalyst Companies’ report on “The Corporate Innovation Imperative: How Large Corporations Avoid Disruption By Strengthening Their Ecosystem” through his own experiences. To truly innovate, companies must: (1) grapple directly with a culture change that thrives on leveraging new tools, skills, and mindsets; (2) wrangle middle managers into embracing the same vision of innovation as senior leaders before introducing it to employees; (3) chase temporary initiatives until they become “repeatable and scalable business models;” (4) venture beyond innovation as mere PR or marketing by way of a concrete vision and clear goals; and (5) come to grips with the fact that the best approach to innovation is the one that fits best. Read more of Lokitz’s observations on LinkedIn.

Uber Freight Shifts Into Gear
After revving up its new app for long-haul trucking, Uber recently shifted Uber Freight into gear. Now, once truck drivers are properly vetted, they can gain access to an endless stream of potential loads needing to be shipped. Like the ride-sharing app, Uber Freight streamlines the sometimes complex process of finding and booking freight. And it also helps dismantle discriminatory roadblocks for women and people of color. Uber Freight may be one of the first on the road, but it still faces potential competition from Amazon, which is developing a similar service, and other makers of autonomous trucking technology, which aim to disrupt the transportation industry. Read more about the debut of Uber Freight on The Verge.

Cooking Up the Next Silicon Valley
For those who wish that creating the next Silicon Valley was as easy as whipping up an exciting new culinary dish, Catalyst Companies Founder Jeremiah Owyang has synthesized a family secret and much experience working with innovative companies into a tried-and-true recipe. He not only articulates the proper selection of choice ingredients like culture, education, investment, density, and quality of life, but also instructs how to optimally mix, cook, season, and serve the irresistible taste of successful innovation. Read the full recipe on his blog, Web Strategist.

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