Catalyst Companies 2016 Mid-Year Review: Uber, Adobe Kickbox, Artificial Intelligence, and More


Council members in attendance at the Catalyst Companies 2016 Spring Summit at Hallmark’s headquarters.

From Uber to Kickbox, and food waste to AI, this year has been busy for Catalyst Companies and its members. During the first half of 2016, the council enhanced its analysis of the Collaborative Economy by delving deeper into trends like the Autonomous World and innovation strategies.

These important topics have driven Catalyst Companies to create many new resources that help our members along their program development, including a “Use Case Playbook” based on Collaborative Economy business models, a research report and infographic on the industrial impacts of self-driving cars, and an updated Honeycomb 3.0 vendor framework.

Take a look below at the events that took us from Munich to Kansas City, ten live conference calls, and research-based resources our members have taken advantage of so far this year. And, if anything interests you, please email me! I’d love to walk you through what we have planned for the remainder of 2016 and discuss how you and your company can fit in.

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Selection of Catalyst Companies Activities: First half of 2016


  • January – The Future Of Mobility in An Autonomous World
  • March – Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 3.0
  • April – Market Snapshot: Crowd-Based Insurance Startups
  • April – Use Case Playbook: Brand as a Service (how brands can deploy on-demand models)
  • June – Use Case Playbook: Marketplace Model (how brands can manage P2P marketplaces)

In-Person Member Events:

  • January 21 – San Francisco, Member Dinner and Salon: Future of Mobility
  • February 9 – New York City, Roundtable Dinner Discussion: Innovation Journey
  • March 12 – Austin, Texas, SXSW Brunch Member Panel and Social
  • April 28 – Hallmark Headquarters, Kansas City, Spring Summit: Co-Innovation for Your Brand
  • June 21 – BMW Headquarters, Munich, Germany, European Summit: The Global Collaborative Economy

Session Calls (Webinars with outside speakers, our own primary research)

  • #47 January – Collaborative Economy Foundations: Evolution to an Autonomous Future
  • #48 February – Recap of Salon: Future of Mobility in the Age of the Autonomous World
  • #49 February – Uber Fireside Chat with Chris Saad, Head of Product
  • #50 March – Adobe Kickbox Employee Innovation with Mark Randall
  • #51 April – Blockchain with Paul Vigna, Wall Street Journal Reporter and Author
  • #52 May – Playbook (how to guide): Brand as a Service with Jeremiah Owyang and Jaimy Szymanski
  • #53 June – Innovation Outpost with Evangelos Simoudis

Council Calls (Private member calls)

  • April – Food Waste with Dairy Management and Panasonic and others
  • April – Artificial Intelligence with David Schatsky, Deloitte Senior Manager
  • May – Uber API Discussion With Council Members

Last but not least, this is only possible by working with an amazing team, including Angus, Carl, Jaimy, Julie, Karen and our other partners.


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